Monday, June 2, 2008

IFrame, Facebook, OpenSocial, Widget, Ringside

With Ringside Beta-4 release, by default we support 5 application types out of the box.

IFrame - Similar to the Faceook IFrame application and protocol.

Facebook - Plug your Facebook applications in! Deploy facebook applications with your own network. (example included by default is Footprints)

OpenSocial - Deploy open social applications right next to Facebook apps. Example includes Hello World written by Bill Reichardt and one from Last.FM. Bill published a trail map of how creating and hosting open social applications is possible.

FBML Widget - Use this widget on any website and have FBML rendered from anywhere, no application required. Bill put together a tutorial on using this capability - FBML on any website.

Ringside - Deploy applications directly inside the Ringside platform, we call them system level apps. All of the web features such as the community panel, login, registration, friends are delivered as system applications. The stylecheck application listed in the image is a system application.

In there are two open social applications, one written by Bill Reichardt and the other integrating a open social application by Last.FM.

Deploying your social applications with the Ringside platform enables a single application to be located on any website, community or social network. Users can access the applications anywhere and their data is portable across the web (the open web).

Rich @ Ringside