Sunday, August 30, 2015

Next Week in Philly Tech

As someone working a startup, every hour, day, and week is a trade off on what should be the top priority.  I have been taking a page from "Traction" by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares with the 50% Rule. I am probably spending more than  50% on traction priorities but RedLine13 is in a good product state.

Typically on Sunday I do my personal review.

  1. First a quick review of my previous week, typically giving myself a +1 or -1 if I hit the mark. This week was good and was able to keep working on the message around load testing over at
  2. Put together my weekly cheat sheet. Not posting a picture but if we bump into each other this week ask to take a peek, I am always looking for feedback to make it more efficient. 
One of the items in my review - checkout out local meet ups in the area over next 2 weeks. I try (try) to get to at least one meet up a week.  Why? Meet people, learn something new, and get out of the box.

Thought I would start publishing what I find going on within about 50 miles from Philly which is typically dev, ops, or perhaps startup related. I use and to find my event listings. Sometimes I point out some NYC events if they matter to me.

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Monday August 30th 

6:00pm - Code & Coffee Study Group
Girl Develop It
Location @ Blue Cadet : 1526 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA, Philadelphia, PA
Join us for our monthly Code & Coffee Study Group! Whether you're looking to keep practicing what you learned in your last class or are in the midst of a project, your community is here to help!

Tuesday September 1st 

 5:30pm - Dreamforce Preview 
Location @ Quorum at the Science Center : 3711 Market Street, Floor 8, Philadelphia, PA Dreamforce is almost here! Whether you can't go to dreamforce this year, already committed to attending too many sessions, or just won't have time for sessions at all, make sure you don't miss this preview of Dreamforce talks by PhillyForce members!

6:00pm - Code for Philly Workshop #148
Code for Philly
Location @ Devnuts : 908 North 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA
Join us at our weekly workshop to learn about technology, sharpen your skills, and help Philly at the same time! There are ample opportunities for people with any skill set and experience level to have an impact. Check out our website for a list of active projects ( or just stop by and ask for a captain to help you get started.

Wednesday September 2nd

5:30pm - Python Project Night
Philadelphia Python Users Group
Location @ Wharton Computing : 3819 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Work on your own Python projects, get programming help, work through tutorials, help others, and hang out with Pythonistas. We'll share some resources to help new coders get started under the guidance of experienced programmers.

6:00pm MeteorJS Learn & Hack
Meteor Philadelphia
Location @ Three Logan Square : 1717 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA
For our next meetup let's get together and hack away. Bring a project or an idea, then we'll form groups and build with meteor!

Thursday September 3rd

7:00pm CSS Bonanza - Flexbox and Animations
Bucks County Front-End
Location @ AWeber : 1100 Manor Dr., Chalfont, PA
Sam Provenza - A New Way to Display: Understanding Flexbox for the Web
CF Grugan - Moving the Web

Tuesday September 8th

6:30pm Node.js show and tell
Node.js Philly
Location @ Zivtech : 1315 Walnut St , Suite 1500, Philadelphia, PA
This is the second-Tuesday Philly node.js meetup group! We start things out informally and anyone that has something to share shows off what they've been doing with node.js.

6:45pm Puppet Overview & Demo
NJ Systems Automation
Location @ Ibis Venue Center : 3525 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 903, Hamilton, NJ
The talk will have a high level overview of Puppet Enterprise and a brief live demonstration.

Wednesday September 9th

6:45pm Measuring Satisfaction 
** NYC Event.  I have been impressed with the Pivotal Labs meet ups I have attended.
Location @ Pivotal Labs : 625 Avenue of Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

Thursday September 10th

6:00pm Workship #149 Duck Duck Go Mashup
Code for Philly
Location @ undefined at this time
This week we'll be hacking on the Duck Duck Go and their "Instant Answers" feature to include Code for Philly projects.

Saturday September 12th

12:30pm Unity game development for iOS
Philly CocoaHeads
Unity is an extremely popular game engine, particularly for small teams. The ability to produce games for almost every conceivable platform allows developers to move quickly and cover all their bases with a single project. If you haven’t worked with Unity before, this workshop will provide an overview of developing games in the Unity workflow, and introduce the basic concepts you need to get started on your own.