Monday, June 27, 2016

New Jersey Teacher of Students with Disabilities Research

This research was for someone (who shall go nameless) that wants to learn more about extending their teaching knowledge and capabilities.  Specifically to gain a "Teacher of Students with Disabilities" endorsement/certificate.

Last Updated: 6/27/2016

General Notes: 
Rowan : Of all the sites - Only Rowan is clear about price and online availability.  Pricing from all other schools is either hidden or broken into multiple fees.
Cost:   I tried to use the higher cost of the per credit to reflect cost.  Though beware each school has a host of ‘fees’. All schools have some form of one-time application fees ranging from 50 to 100$.   I used in-state and part-time pricing for all selections. 

SchoolProgramCreditsCost/CreditCost Link
Rowan Link21730/crCost Link
College of New Jersey Link24876/crCost Link
Rutgers Link21900/crCost Link
Centenary Link21881/crCost Link
Kean Link21772/crCost Link
Rider Link21760/crCost Link
William Patterson Link22688/crCost Link
Seton Hall University Link211171/crCost Link
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey Link21757/crCost Link
Bloomfield College Link21620/cr(??)Cost Link
Ramapo College Link21726/crCost Link
Fairleigh Dickinson University Link21719/crCost Link
Caldwell College Link21900/crCost Link
Felician College Link211000/crCost Link
College of Saint Elizabeth Link211001/crCost Link
Saint Peter's College Link211050/crCost Link
Georgian Court University Link :pg 8821839/crCost Link
Montclair State University Link24655/crCost Link
Monmouth University Link211273/crCost Link
New Jersey City University Link21660/crCost Link

* Cost is per credit. Evaluated as part-time, in-state, if mentioned with fees.  See below for details or click Cost Link to see source. Note: many schools have other fees, please read source.


College of New Jersey





William Patterson

Seton Hall University

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Bloomfield College

Ramapo College

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Caldwell College

Felician College - Rutherford Campus

College of Saint Elizabeth

Saint Peter's College

Georgian Court University

Montclair State University

Monmouth University

New Jersey City University

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