Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blue, a java port of nagios.

Took on this project in my spare time quite a while ago and very excited by the progress it is making. While I am a big fan of nagios there were three things preventing me from getting invovled

a. develop on windows. I tried hard to get things working with cygwin, but had problems especially with plug-in development.

b. build to deploy. I just like to download and run, with as little constraints as possible. I talked to other nagios users in production environments and they had similar desire.

c. java developer. While I can still code in C/C++ I have been developing in java for so long now that I just find my way around a lot quicker. Also, like to leverage what is built into things like jboss, jetty and tomcat and other great projects.

So, what did I do? I rewrote nagios in java, and calling it blue. I rewrote the server, the console and some of the plugins. You can run blue in any combination with existing nagios components and configuration files. However, blue server, console, and plugins out of the box can just run in a self-contained location on any OS.

Stay tuned for a distribution as it is coming shortly.


Richard Friedman said...

Wait. How can YOU be Richard Friedman when I'm Richard Friedman?

Now I'm confused.

Richard Friedman said...

Blog-Cloning ;)
I am just trying to be me and not you.
I have no middle name, so truly just richard friedman.

Looks like we share an appreciation of software, but your appreciation and knowledge of music is way beyond mine.

You were born in the Bronx and I Brooklyn, you moved to the west coast and I stayed on the east coast.

that's about it ;)

richard friedman said...

Well, at least neither of us is Kinky or ran for Governor of Texas!