Thursday, February 1, 2007

Dell and Systems Management

Earlier this week there was 'Symantec acquires Altiris' and in the latter half of the week I read the article about Michael Dell taking the helm. It was in the article "Can Michael Dell find his Mojo?" on page 4 that they suggest that for Dell (the company) to move ahead it needs to build its strength in systems management. Will this really help Dell? I guess from a purely dollars perspective maybe they gain more adoption because they can complement it with their own systems managmenet software, reduce the cost for large installations and have a more complete one shop packaging for mid to large business. But did it help HP to have OpenView, IBM to have Tivoli?

At some point in time it probably did, but if it is critical to have those type of systems how did Dell get that far? How did they gain a leadership position over HP and IBM? How come IBM sold off the PC business since they had Tivoli (the largest player in systems management). HP's renewed momentum is because of leadership, not because they have Open View. What people want from DELL is the best DELL product and service, how Michael Dell defines the culture of the company will define how they deliver that.

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