Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ice Skating and Persistence

Another week of ice skating with my son, but it was THE day. The day which he let go of my hand and made his own way. He let go and went round and round the rink. He fell a few times, got up and said - "No big deal, you get up and you try again". I skated behind him the rest of the time, my eyes tearing up with joy. I had made him a promise, when he skates the rink by himself he gets a hockey jersey. We left the rink went right to the store and bought that jersey.

Blue had a good weekend and I implemented a dynamic capability to add new hosts, services, contacts, groups, ... This is an important step for blue, dynamic ability to acquire new inventory and persist it. Next step is to build an addition to plugins so you could start from scratch and just dynamically add inventory - no more brute force configuration. Important point though.... The persisted configuration is done in a nagios format, so you could pick up the configuration and just use it in a nagios installation!!!! This will also allow you dynamically to add nagios configuration files to blue as well.

So both events were excting to me, but only one made me tear up with pride.

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Greg Pavlik said...

Very cool, Rich. I still picture your son as an infant: it's amazing how fast time flies. I took my daughter ice skating for the first time this year (outside rink in Geneva, so very cold winds from the lake): she loved it. We were out every day on the ice while on vacation.