Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gerrit Replication to Bitbucket or Bitbucket and Pull Requests

In the past I opted for larger development teams to use Gerrit as the code review tool.  Gerrit being a solid tool with low frills can be setup to manage reviews and define your process.   Gerrit replication while meant to provide scale through read only repositories, can also be used to sit in between review repository and deployment repository.   We are evaluating for use where Gerrit is for review and BitBucket is for deployment and browsing.  Modifying the diagram at Gerrit Quick Intro to illustrate a model we are considering describes the split between review and deployment.

I know there is Stash for better management and it looks good but Jira + Confluence + BitBucket + ...  keeps adding up.    Also we could stay the route with pull requests though in a previous life with even a small team pushing lots of code with branches the pull request interfaces were cumbersome.

I am still leaning towards the usage of Gerrit and taking advantage of the other great features in bitbucket likes its long list of services and direct support Jira and Jenkins.   However my friend  Brian suggests I take another dip back into pull request land.

What to do?

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