Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yehuda Katz presents EmeberJS in Philadelphia

Thanks to Yehuda Katz for his talk on ember+ES6 for us non PhillyETE attending folks.

Here are my quick notes but definitely suggest catching him live or searching youtube to see him present.

- provides organization for your application
- fundamentally uses HTML, does not define its own way
- allows you to extend HTML
- focus on URL because it provides context, if your web app does not keep the URL as context it's not a web app.

Then he did a walk through of sample application, rapid paced intro but covered the highlights.

A good question from the crowd about what happens to all these server side frameworks (specific question targeted at Ruby). Yehuda's response for me was dead on, the front end is where things are going but not everyone is seeing it yet.  Leaving server side frameworks scratching their heads to define how they will better support this growing architecture.

My public response was that we agree and have already started the switch. As we continue to see this increased switch from web to mobile, building APIs and separating out the UI work has made life easier.  Everything as an endpoint has been a promise for a very long time and with the [Internet of things] happening all around us it is becoming a reality.

For myself transitioning between MeetMe where we got ahead of the mobile curve (2011 TC MyYearbook mobile growth) and at Stuzo where we are helping customers through the transition using frameworks like backbone, ember or angular seems to make sense for building responsive UI and mobile applications. We are building expertise on Angular as a team but I expect quite a bit of jockeying between these frameworks as they build their rockstar communities.

Thanks again to Yehuda Katz for sharing knowledge and talking passionately about his thoughts.

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