Monday, January 25, 2016

AWS Certificate Manager, Easy Button

I know the pains of managing SSL certificates for a data center or even the cloud.  It is a manageable pain, you can live with it, but no one wanted to deal with the pain.  

  • Acquiring an SSL Cert was never automated
  • Deploying SSL Cert to network gear had challenges
    • Automating between different vendors
    • Keeping scripts updated
    • Adding/Removing network gear
    • Documenting the process, so next person could do it
  • Calendar/Scripts to notify when CERTs are expiring
  • Project Manager reminding people to do the work
I recently built a RunSignUp racing results app using Ionic/PhoneGap/Angular which is built for Web, Android, and iOS.  One of the items on the to-do list - setup SSL cert.  I was dreading this task, the details of getting the moving parts correct is a time sink.  Well here is a case where slight procrastination worked out pretty well - AWS announced the AWS certificate manager. 

1. Add your domain name

2. Review your request

3. Wait for validation

We can see in status in list view as well

4. Site owner receives and responds to email

5. We are now ready to go!

6. Before the CERT was deployed

7. We can now make our cloudfront domain use the cert.

8. Send a Cache Invalidation

9. And now we are green and serving on SSL

10. Change CloudFront behavior to alway redirect to HTTPS

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