Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bucket List item Done - Firefox Plugin

It may have taken a decade and a good reason but I finally wrote a Firefox Plugin!

Why Firefox and not Chrome?  

It is an integration with Selenium IDE which is a Firefox extension.

What does it do?

Provided integration with Selenium IDE to record browser traffic and save results as JMeter load test (.jmx file).  You can turn it on, run your Selenium test, turn if off and then you have JMeter version of your Selenium test.  Take the output and load it directly into JMeter or run it scale on RedLine13.

Why did I write this?

A use case I hear often is how to scale real user testing.  The typical answer is run some Selenium tests in parallel with JMeter tests.  There was no quick way to play your selenium test and record a JMeter test.  Problem solved :)

Did you enjoy writing this plugin?

Yes and No.  Yes, had to learn something new.  Once you learn how to integrate with Firefox (or any system) so many other possibilities open up.
No - I had to use the XUL system instead of the update Firefox extension mechanism.

Where is the code?

I made it GPL and opened it up
Any ideas for extending or contributing would be welcome.

How do I use it?

I wrote the intro and tutorial at RedLine13 blog



If you have any questions feel free to send me a note, but other public mechanisms would be

  • Pull request if you want to add something
  • Ask a question in RedLine13 forum!forum/redline13
  • Get a basic RedLine13 subscription and will provide support and get feature requests into the pipeline

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