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Next Week in Philly Tech 2015/09/07

Just say hi!

Last week, I had a meeting at La Colombe in Fishtown with Josh Detweiler CEO at @AppJaxx.  Figuring I would get some work done I went over a bit early.  The seating is open bench style.  I sat down next to a few folks talking, lo and behold they were talking a bit of tech.   As they finished up Josh had arrived.  Before Josh and I started to talk I decided to introduce myself, awkward perhaps but I really do have a passion for software and learning from others.   I am very glad I just said hi.   In his humbleness, this individual told us about his background, his Jiu-Jitsu studios, and the tech projects he has going on.  Great conversation and left it there.

Over the weekend in a strange coincidence showing up in my FB stream was a 'like' for a video - "The Road To Becoming a 6th Degree Gracie Black Belt at 39 Years Old" from an old friend about Phil Migliarese.  The person in the video, I could swear was the guy from the coffee shop.   I messaged my friend and Phil, turns out it is a small world.

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Tuesday September 8th

6:30pm - Using go and AppEngine to create a slackbot
Location @ DramaFever : 1717 Arch Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA
Walkthrough of a go project using Google AppEngine and slack to create a bot that responds to commands.

6:30pm Node.js show and tell
Node.js Philly
Location @ Zivtech : 1315 Walnut St , Suite 1500, Philadelphia, PA
This is the second-Tuesday Philly node.js meetup group! We start things out informally and anyone that has something to share shows off what they've been doing with node.js.

6:45pm - Puppet Overview and Demo
NJ Systems Automation
Location @ Ibis Venue Center : 3525 Quakerbridge Rd, #903, Hamilton, NJ 08619
The talk will have a high level overview of Puppet Enterprise and a brief live demonstration. Puppet Enterprise is a comprehensive tool for managing the configuration of enterprise systems.

7:00pm - Intro 2D Modeling   [Found on EvenUpon]
The Hacktory
Location @ 3711 Market, Dept. of Making + Doing
2D drawing in Adobe Illustrator with a focus on designing for Lasercutter and Vinyl Cutter

7:00pm - Ansible Configuration Management
PLUG North
Location @ CoreDial : 751 Arbor Way Suite 150 Blue Bell, PA 19422
PLUG members are users of the Linux operating system and other Open Source software who live in the greater Philadelphia area and come together to share knowledge and learn from each other.

Wednesday September 9th 

7:00pm  NY Tech MeetUp
** NYC Event.
Throwing in this NYC event as it is a large gathering of tech and very light in our area.

6:45pm Measuring Satisfaction 
** NYC Event.  I have been impressed with the Pivotal Labs meet ups I have attended.
Location @ Pivotal Labs : 625 Avenue of Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY

Thursday September 10th

6:00pm Workship #149: Code for Philly - Duck Duck Go Mashup
Code for Philly
Location @ Innovation Lab : 1401 John F Kennedy Boulevard, 16th Floor, Philadelphia, PA
This week we'll be hacking on the Duck Duck Go and their "Instant Answers" feature to include Code for Philly projects. They're also our sponsors for this workshop:]

6:30pm Intro to Angular JS  (central new jersey)
Location @ Infragistics : 2 Commerce Dr, Cranbury, NJ
AngularJS - you've seen it everywhere, but just what the heck is it? What's so great about it? Why would you choose to learn a whole new application framework when you already know and love jQuery (and/or KnockoutJS)?

6:30pm Spark Streaming
Philly Area Scala Enthusiasts
Location @ LeadId : 201 S. Maple Ave. Ste 150 , Ambler, PA
Brian Clapper will give an overview of Spark Streaming, complete with some demos and/or live coding.

6:30pm Small Talk (Taun Chapman) and Memory Use In Extensions (Conrad Kramer)
Philly Cocoa (iOS)
Location @ Apple Store : 1607 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA
Smalltalk - What it is and how it influenced Apple software development for the last 35 yrs., Taun Chapman
Memory Use in Extensions, Conrad Kramer - I will be talking about the little-known memory limits in extensions, and some common techniques you can use to decrease dirty memory usage.

7:00pm - Project Night at The Hacktory  [Found on EvenUpon]
The Hacktory
Location @ 3711 Market, Dept. of Making + Doing
Stop by and see what projects we're working on, or bring your own. All are welcome at this free event, formerly Open House/Open Hack.

Friday September 11th 

Saturday September 12th 

11:00am HTML 101 Build your own website 
Girl Develop It South Jersey
Location @ Rutgers Camden Technology Campus : 200 Federal St, Camden, NJ
This two-part Intro to HTML/CSS course runs on Saturday, September 12th and Sunday, September 13th from 11am to 4pm. Each day includes a 30-minute lunch break

12:30pm Unity game development for iOS
Philly CocoaHeads
Location @ PromptWorks : 1211 Chestnut Street Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA
Unity is an extremely popular game engine, particularly for small teams. The ability to produce games for almost every conceivable platform allows developers to move quickly and cover all their bases with a single project. If you haven’t worked with Unity before, this workshop will provide an overview of developing games in the Unity workflow, and introduce the basic concepts you need to get started on your own.

9:00pm Nightscape : A light and sound experience. 
Location @ Longwood Gardens
Longwood Gardens’ new nighttime installation will take guests on an immersive journey around the grounds.

Monday September 12th 
Tuesday September 13th 
Wednesday September 14th 
Thursday September 15th 
Friday September 16th 

Monday September 14th  

Python Users Group Princeton
Location @ TigerLabs : 252 Nassau Street, 2nd floor, Princeton, NJ

Tuesday September 15th

Code For Philly 
Join us at our weekly workshop to learn about technology, sharpen your skills, and help Philly at the same time! There are ample opportunities for people with any skill set and experience level to have an impact.

Lehigh Valley Tech
Location @ Ben Franklin Tech Ventures : 116 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA
Join us for an exciting night of presentations from three of the student led companies that just finished up Lehigh's Launch Bay C accelerator program.

Wednesday September 16th

Docker Philadelphia
Location @ Wildbit : 225 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
And it's back! Join members of the Docker community around the world for Docker Global Hack Day #3!

NJ Tech MeetUp
Location @ Howe Center Stevens Institute of Technology 
Kevin Ryan, Chairman and Founder - Gilt, MongoDB, Business Insider, Zola

Thursday September 17th

Tech in Motion 
Location @ Quorum at the Science Center : 3711 Market Street, Floor 8, Philadelphia, PA
This night will be one for the tech professionals as we delve into the Software Development Evolution: Automation. 

OpenStack Philly 
Location @ Comcast Center : 1701 JFK Boulevard, 45th Floor, Room F, Philadelphia, PA
Welcome back from Summer! We will be having our first meetup of the Fall with three special guests from Arista Networks and Coho Data.

Location @ Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School : 3730 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA
Models form the backbone of most Django sites. They contain the fields and behaviors of the data your site is using. The proper planning and implementation of models is one of the first steps to creating powerful and reusable Django apps.

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