Monday, September 21, 2015

Next Week in Philly Tech 2015/09/21

Automating for +20 Years

Last week I presented at Tech In Motion Philadephia on Evolution in Automation.  It was a 15-minute presentation slot and my talk was a bit of bridge between Open Source Automation and my specialty in Load Testing.

- Open Source makes automation possible.
- Then proposing a future direction in Automation - From CI to Continuous Automation
- And then integrate my niche of automation - Load Testing.

Truth is Open Source made automation possible for all corners of the engineering organization, but engineers have been automating since day one.

Over 20 years ago I was asked a question - Can you make these? 

And a family business was created.   However,  a few weeks on a band-saw in my garage in the winter was enough to get us thinking - how can we automate this process?  While this was all pre-internet, 3d-printers, and laser-cutters we somehow found 3d-axis machines that were humanly affordable and only programmable in assembly. 

Twenty years later those machines are still in the family though we have moved on from the business.  For me, it was the beginning of learning how to build systematic and automatic systems to make the complicated easy. 

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Monday September 21st  

6:00pm Major League Sports & Tech
Philly New Tech MeetUp
Location @ The Hub Cira Center : 2929 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA
We are teaming up with Mobile Monday to host a fantastic sports-themed event that highlights what our local sports teams are doing with mobile technologies to enhance the fan experience and team operations. 

Tuesday September 22nd

8:00am Tech Breakfast  [EventUpon]
Philadelphia TechBreakfast
Location @ LeBow College : 3220 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA

  1. Akili Software, Inc.: Savii Care - Michelle Harper
  2. The World Social Reserve System: - Ronald Williams
  3. TeleStax: Restcomm - Ivelin Ivanov
  4. Rain Everywhere: Rewind - Phil IVes

It may be Pope week in Philly, but we're holding our first Philly PostgreSQL Night on September 22. Unlike our traditional Meetup format, we are extending it to 2 talks for the evening with a sponsored happy hour to follow. 
  • Postgres(QL) in 10
  • Debugging Your PL/pgSQL Code

Wednesday September 23rd

5:30pm Anything C# can do F# can do better [EventUpon]
Location @ Microsoft : 45 Liberty Blvd, Malvern, PA
Are you a C# developer and have ever wondered what the F# language can do? Or have you wondered if functional programming is really all it’s cracked up to be? 

Thursday September 24th

Avoiding Philadelphia? Head to North Jersey for Google Self-Driving Car Demo
5:00pm Self-Driving Car Demo
Google Developer Group
Location @ Bell Works : 101 Crawfords Corner Rd, Holmdel, NJ
Self-Driving Car Demo (hosted by NJ's own DriveAI guys)

Friday September 25th 

Staying home?  Learn something new for the day.
Take a look at RedLine13 and run a load test today.

Monday September 28th

Bucks County Women In Tech
Location @ AWeber
We will hear more in depth from 3 WITs about their careers:  
Mali Patel, QA Manager @ LeadiD 
Michele Kopach, Radiologist @ Doylestown Radiology Assoc. 
Amber Heilman, Software Engineer @ AWeber

Tuesday September 29th

Software As A Craft
Location @ PromptWorks : 1211 Chestnut Street Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 
For September's meeting, we'll focus on the craftsman/apprentice relationship, with A. Jesse Jiryu Davis talking about concrete steps you can take to be an effective mentor.

Location @ Industrious
Jeremiah is a Technical Solutions Engineer for Puppet Labs.  He is a long time Linux user and most recently has focused on bringing automation solutions into heterogeneous IT environments.

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