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Next Week in Philly Tech 2015/09/13

Always thinking about people

A day does not go by when I don't feel the impact of so many amazing people in my life.  When I joined JBoss there was an individual who led the Sales Engineering organization, actually he built it from scratch.  His name was Matthew Quinlan.  I admired Matt, not because of his technical skills but the fact he built a team of extremely smart individuals who worked hard together.   They were a team, they pushed each other to do better, to learn more, and at the end of the day care for each other.

Today is a celebration of Matt's life.  While he is no longer with us during the last two years he blogged about his journey   The post that hit me the most was the gift.
Imagine for a moment that everyone you have ever impacted or influenced in your life were to reach out at once and tell you the effect you have had on their lives.
For anyone that ever met Matt this was obvious, of course, he had an impact on your life.  But it is very true that we don't often take the time to let people know this.   Today is a celebration of Matthew Quinlan whom I am very glad I had the chance to learn from.

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Monday September 14th  

Python Users Group Princeton
Location @ TigerLabs : 252 Nassau Street, 2nd floor, Princeton, NJ

Tuesday September 15th

Code For Philly 
Join us at our weekly workshop to learn about technology, sharpen your skills, and help Philly at the same time! There are ample opportunities for people with any skill set and experience level to have an impact.

Lehigh Valley Tech
Location @ Ben Franklin Tech Ventures : 116 Research Drive, Bethlehem, PA
Join us for an exciting night of presentations from three of the student led companies that just finished up Lehigh's Launch Bay C accelerator program.

6:30pm DevOps at Scale & Introduction to CoreOS
Philly DevOps
Location @ Comcast : 1701 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA
DevOps at Scale, Nathan Mische
An Introduction to CoreOS, Hector Castro

Wednesday September 16th

Docker Philadelphia
Location @ Wildbit : 225 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, PA
And it's back! Join members of the Docker community around the world for Docker Global Hack Day #3!

NJ Tech MeetUp
Location @ Howe Center Stevens Institute of Technology 
Kevin Ryan, Chairman and Founder - Gilt, MongoDB, Business Insider, Zola

6:30 pm Functional Data Structures in F# [EventUpon]
Philly F#
Location @ A2C Consulting : 1801 Market Street, Suite 2430, Philadelphia, PA
In this code/demo-centric discussion we will look at the issues involved and what F# brings to the table. We will also look at how to build facilities to measure performance and complexity so as to be able to compare and contrast alternative designs and approaches.

Thursday September 17th

Tech in Motion 
Location @ Quorum at the Science Center : 3711 Market Street, Floor 8, Philadelphia, PA
This night will be one for the tech professionals as we delve into the Software Development Evolution: Automation. 

OpenStack Philly 
Location @ Comcast Center : 1701 JFK Boulevard, 45th Floor, Room F, Philadelphia, PA
Welcome back from Summer! We will be having our first meetup of the Fall with three special guests from Arista Networks and Coho Data.

Location @ Huntsman Hall at The Wharton School : 3730 Walnut St., Philadelphia, PA
Models form the backbone of most Django sites. They contain the fields and behaviors of the data your site is using. The proper planning and implementation of models is one of the first steps to creating powerful and reusable Django apps.

6:30pm Mike Harris Tracking Value from Business Case to Deployment [EventUpon]
Agile Philly
Location @ FrontLine : 1400 AtWater Drive, Malvern, Pa
Organizations need to stop keeping IT in the dark when it comes to the "value" of their initiatives. Or marketeers should acknowledge that they are ignorant or lazy about detailing them to IT. So how do we make IT become part of the ROI solution ?

Friday September 18th 

4pm Startup Hangout @ Clutch HQ [EventUpon]
StartUp Hangout
Location @ ClutchHQ : 201 South Maple Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002
We created Startup Hangout to bring amazing Philly startups closer together. We felt that, like other great tech cities, Philly deserved a deep sense of community and connection between its startups. Or, at the very least, we could hang out from time to time and have some fun.

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